Hi! My name is Mills Baker, and I'm a product manager, designer, and writerin San Francisco, California.

I've been online since Apple's eWorld and pushed my first web site over FTP in 1997. I learned HTML from Jonah Peretti and have made a lot of stuff since then. Occasionally my technology and design analysis is praised by people like Marc AndreessenJason FriedBen ThompsonAnne KreamerPaul Goldberger, or Marco Arment. Not always, though. 

I've worked for a few startups and one enormous corporation, with odd stops along the way. I'm now at Mokriya, a design-centric mobile software studio. I do product design and management for both our internal products and clients like TrueCar, Salesforce, AT&T, Ayla Networks, and the like. We're a smaller shop, so I also assist with general strategy, consulting, sales, and marketing, a main focus of which is design and technology writing. We've been growing quickly, and I'm excited about some of the new products we'll be releasing in 2015.

I was the founding Head of Product at Giftly, where I worked for two years helping steer product, design, and strategy, from choosing our name to planning sprints to running customer support to recruiting and hiring. It was transformative growing a company from idea through funding to market, and our first iOS app was featured by Apple in the App Store. After a pivot, Giftly's still going today.

I worked for 5 years for Home Depot, eventually managing a contact center for the .com / B2B division. Some find this incongruous with my present work in startups and tech, but managing ~90 people was invaluable leadership experience. It also helped me understand how scale affects systems, including human systems. And support teaches one to pay attention to UX beyond the confines of product